Playing Smart: The Family Guide to Enriching, Offbeat Learning Activities

By Susan K. Perry

Publisher: Free Spirit


  1. Instant Fun
  2. Journal Journeys
  3. Celebrate the Senses
  4. Brain Benders
  5. Adventure in Ordinary Places
  6. Learning Comes Alive at the Cemetery
  7. Playing Around with Photography
  8. Use Your Head: Mind-Challenging Physical Activities
  9. Dirt, Worms, Bugs, and Mud: Kids in the Garden
  10. Mind Snacks: Recipes for Kitchen Learning
  11. The Junior Geographer
  12. Cultural Diversity: It’s All Relative
  13. Behavior for Beginners: A Bit of Psychology
  14. Real Literature: Famous Authors’ Books for Kids


“The best family activity book we have seen. Period.”

Minnesota Parent

“The beauty of this guide is that most games call for nothing more than two people and two brains.”
Working Mother

“Full of interactive ideas…”

“This book should be on every parent’s shopping list.”
—Dr. Thomas Gordon, Founder, Parent Effectiveness Training

“Parents and teachers have a marvelous opportunity to recreate the planet through the tools we give our children. I really think this book can help.”
Whole Life Times

“A remarkable book, a real find!”
—Martin Greenberg, M.D., psychiatrist, author of The Birth of a Father, member of USA Today’s Parenting Panel

“A terrific book. The activities are original and enticing—with an up-to-date flavor.”
—Jean Marzollo, author of Supertot, Learning through Play, and the I Spy series.

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